National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCR) promote long-term research projects in areas of strategic importance for the development of science in Switzerland, for the economy of the country, and for Swiss society.

A specific goal of the NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials is to seek applications of the research undertaken by the principal investigators, and hence there is a clear interest in collaboration with industry. To date, potential applications being addressed include adhesives, sensors, anti-counterfeiting and labeling, novel production methods, advanced toxicology, targeted therapeutics, and many others. Another goal is to develop biomedical applications such as early disease detection and treatment, as well as regenerative medicine.

With this combination of scientific focus and scope that are unparalleled in Switzerland, together with the clear interest to develop applications, the NCCR is uniquely positioned to become an internationally recognized hub for soft materials research, education, and innovation.

To stimulate innovation, the NCCR has several tools at hand: 

  • An Industry Associates Program allows innovative companies that demonstrate interest in research to seek partnerships with NCCR members to translate the research outcomes into new technologies. As members of the program, industry associates have preferred access to unpublished results and full support to develop ideas into relevant applications. In addition:
    • Innovative idea development help, with technology transfer professionals
    • Access to CTI / SNSF collaborative research funds and NCCR support
    • Invitation to the NCCR Annual Event (technical meeting)
    • Meet and hire potential employees with expertise in domains of interest
  • The Proof of Concept (PoC) Grant program provides support for the demonstration of technological feasibility and economic viability of ideas and inventions emanating from the NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials.  The PoC Grant provides funds for short-term (approximately 1-3 months) projects with an application nature, for example prototyping, developing advanced proof-of-concept, benchmarking of inventions with existing technologies, demonstrating specific applications, assessment of pre-industrial feasibility and/or identification of market opportunities. Guidelines and Application Form for the PoC grant can be downloaded here (guidelines) and here (application).

  • A set of Science and Job Fair events to connect talented and highly-qualified young researchers with potential future employers.

  • For NCCR participants, for any novel result which you believe could be valuable and worth protecting with a patent, please note the ‘Innovation Disclosure’ form on the menubar of this page.

We encourage potential industry partners to explore collaborations with the NCCR, and welcome discussions to ascertain how value can be generated to mutual benefit. 

Our current associates include:

The National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCR) are a research instrument of the Swiss National Science Foundation
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